In geotechnical engineering field TELEIOS currently provides consulting and design activities both in terms of geotechnical modelling and in terms of design of foundations (shallow and deep foundations) and retaining structures. Teleios’ working activity also stretches to the evaluation of site effects and slope stability (stability analyses and design of mitigation and strenghtening interventions).

Geotechnical engineering
Thanks to international experience in geotechnical engineering field, gained over the years, Teleios can provide a high level work in modeling, design and site management.

Foundations and retaining structures design
TELEIOS has gained a solid experience in shallow and deep foundations design, with a particular focus on the choice of the right foundation system in each specific case of study. In recent years, TELEIOS has focused his efforts on studying and designing the so-called “piled raft foundations”, which consist in a foundation system where both connection raft and piles interact to provide bearing capacity and stiffness to find an optimum in terms of safety factor, performance and costs of the foundation system.
TELEIOS is also constantly engaged in the study and design of retaining structures (retaining walls, gravity walls, diaphragm walls) with the use of different advanced geotechnical software. Moreover, the company participated as technical consultant to wind farm design and development.