New photovoltaic system (23.1 MWp) in Jordan

Teleios has developed executive project on behalf of Enerray for photovoltaic system of total power of 23.1 MWp, installed in Ma’an, a city in Jordan situared in 200 km distance from the capital city.
It is one of 12 projects tendered by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Jordan (MEMR) and supprted by 20 years-long agreement for electricity acquisition with National Electrical Power Company (NEPCO), which guarantees the purchasing of the electric energy at discounted rate of 0,12 JOD/kWh, equival oto 0,17 $/kWh.
The installation is composed of  73.320 Jinko Eagle 315PP-60 moduls, with estimated total yearly productivity of nearly 47 millions kWh. It will permit to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 25.000 tons per year. The conversion system consists of 12 SMA Medium Voltage Compact Stations, each one containing 2 compact outdoor inverters SMA Sunny Central CP 900 XT, which optimizes the system’s performance.